Monday, April 11, 2011

Nasi Beriani Gam Johor

   Hi today I am present you my family all time favorites Johorean exotic Nasi Beriani Gam. The origin of Nasi Beriani (Beriani Rice) was originated from the Middle East. It was made famous by Muslim traders travelling from Peninsular Arab through India, Pakistan, Nusantara (South East Asia). There are many variance and names given to Nasi Beriani. The Johorean Nasi Beriani Gam is another excellence variant of all time. Did you know the word "gam" was derived from the way the rice was cooked. Gam means glue in English. The rice together with its herbs ingredient was ¾ cooked in boiling water, than remaining water are drained. The other ¼ part of the cooking method employ the use of pressure steam. In older days there are no pressure cooker, so Johorean gets smart, they use flour dough as sealant around the cookware lid. This sealant is known as "gam". Okay lets we move on with the recipe ingredient....

Ingredient for Rice

a)1.5 - 2kg Basmathi rice
c)Raisin golden fried
d)Cengkih, pelaga, kayu manis, bunga lawang (clove, cardamon, cinnamon, star anise)
e)Koma-koma (saffron)
f)Rose essence
g)Garlic, Onion, Ginger blend
h)Evaporated milk
i) Salt to taste

Ingredient for dishes

a) Meat of any type (mutton, beef or chicken). I recommend the best is mutton.
b) Beriani spices blend. You can get from local stores. You can get online beriani spice and e-book Beriani Gam Johor cooking guide from the here.
c) Ghee
d) (optional) Boiled eggs and potatoes
e) Honey
f) Raisin and onion golden fried
g) Evaporate milk, tomato paste
h) Badam (almond) boiled to skinned. Finely blend
i) Cashew nuts fried
j) Ginger, garlic, onion blend
k) Thairu (alternative use lime mixed with evaporated milk)
l) Daun pudina, daun ketumbar, daun sadri, daun bawang (mint, coriander, celery, onion leafs)
m) Salt, sugar to taste

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